Mora Valley St Vrain Mill

St Vrain Mill Foundation Project

The St. Vrain Mill Foundation is moving forward with the most critical phase of the St. Vrain Mill restoration—stabilizing the north-wall foundation.  Through the generous support of its members, the Foundation has secured the funding needed to contract with a specialty construction firm to perform the required work.

This work is based on recommendations from Engineering Analytics, a Raton, New Mexico, engineering-consulting firm the Foundation hired two years ago to do an engineering and structural analysis of the Mill.  The process involves injecting fast-setting grout under the north end of the Mill.  As the grout expands and hardens, it increases the effective load bearing area of the foundation so that the load-per-square-foot is within the load bearing capability of the soil.

Restoration Plan

St Vrain Historical Preservation

The St. Vrain Mill Foundation has advertised for bids.  The bidding period is open until July 7.  Any area contractors interested in bidding can get the digital documents through the QuestCDN Bid Management System at

If all goes according to schedule the work will be completed by the end of October 2017. The next big step, after the grout has cured, and dependent upon funds, will be to repair the cracks in the walls and replace the missing stones

Please consider becoming a member of the St. Vrain Foundation (just $25 a year!).  To learn more about us and our plans, visit our website at

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