Saturday October 28th, 2017

A breakdown of our 2016 successes:
▪    There were over 50+ volunteers that assisted the day of the event.
▪    There is an estimation of 500+ visitors, and many more that visited the Haunted House.
▪     Fire Departments, one State Trooper and 10 community members participated in the Trunk or Treat. 52 children entered the costume contest.
▪    We had 12 volunteers who made the trip up to Mora from Albuquerque to help all day.
▪    In-kind has not been totaled, it will be upwards of 1,000 hours!
▪    Our financials is about $350 which will be assigned to next year’s event.
▪    No organizations were charged a fee for setup for the activities.
▪    Radio advertising talking about Mora’s Old Fashion Family Friendly Fall Fest was mentioned continuously. This was a HUGE PR needed for our community. It will be very valuable to remind our neighbors about this event next year.

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