MORA Above & Beyond

Mora Above & Beyond

This program is an opportunity for our community to thank and encourage our youth for their positive attitudes, their acts of selflessness, helping our community, and overall showing growth.

We asked teachers, the community, and the Arts & Cultural Board to nominate students. Students in Middle School and High School will receive a $25 gift certificate to Hatcha’s or Renee’s Dinner to celebrate their achievement and award with a guest. Students in the elementary school will receive 2 ice cream cone coupons to Renee’s to do the same. The Mora Arts & Cultural Compound Board committed $400 toward these awards and hope to do the same next year. If you would like to donate toward this specific project please contact us. ALL funds donated to our projects sit in fund category specifically specified by our donors!

Emily Mendoza was nominated by teacher Renee Moody to receive the Mora Above and Beyond award and gift certificate.

Emily is one of those students who is sensitive to others and is always there to listen and give sound advice. She does not hesitate to help others. Not only is she a staunch friend, but, I have seen her in many situations and she is an adaptable responsible young lady.

Emily is a highly creative individual and is an out-of-the-box thinker. She stands as a role model for many  underclassmen in our high school.

I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on the Many projects over her high school career, and she never  hesitated to lend a helping hand. I could always count on her. She gives of herself and her time, and is an exceptional individual.”

Eighth grader, Pilar Sanchez was nominated by Sandra Alcon. “Her diligence and dedication has proven that she will succeed in whatever goals she will set for herself. Thank you for considering Pilar for this award.” We look forward to seeing Pilar grow as one of our outstanding students in our Mora schools. Congratulations!

More students will be honored through social media, La Voz news articles and other media outlets.

Mora Arts and Cultural Coordinator – Anita Moss


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