Once again our local theater provided the community with a fun family outing. Here is part of a wonderful theater review from Kayt Peck from the Las Vegas Optic:

“Murder on the Petulant Express” was brilliant. Oh true, some New York theater snob would probably have sniffed, but this isn’t New York, and we are thankfully lacking in a preponderance of snobs in this area. The fledgling thespians of Mora Area Community Theater put together an outstanding dinner/mystery, performed at the Mora Valley Baptist Church last Friday evening. If this event is any indication, the company of Mora players has a bright future.

The President of the Mora Arts and Cultural Compound put his Chef jacket on. 

Along with his wonderful wife prepared a delicious dinner. 

The cast of characters served dinner.
None of the characters knew anything other than the limited scripts they were given.
They didn’t know if they “dun it”.

The diners at each table had a newspaper article and a packet of clues. 

Bit by bit the hosts delivered a little more information,

then each table had time to interview characters
and other tables to see what extra information they could find. 

At the end of the day, the fashion designer did it! 

This is the first time the theater team didn’t have a winning table
figure who did it, how and why.

Requests have poured in by those who attended,
and those who didn’t have a chance to do another soon.

Keep an eye our for more activities provided by this group along with Mora Arts & Cultural Compound. The proceeds from previous productions provided free games and prizes for our youth during the Fiesta’s at St. Gertrude’s Parish Hall. We will be doing the same again this year. Your support helps continue these programs financially and in spirit.

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