Mora’s First Main Street Sculpture

The first sculpture on Main Street Mora

Ms. Sue Strebe contacted the Arts and Cultural Compound in 2015 and asked that we commission a bench in honor of Ms. Bertha Cassidy. Bertha had a mission to make our town a bit more beautiful. This is a fitting tribute.

What was important to our committee is that the bench was made locally
(supporting our creative economy),  and that the bench ‘made sense’ in our community.
Paul “Leo” Pacheco did an amazing job. When we asked if he could make a bench, well, he said he never had before. Great! We were happy to encourage him to expand his already large portfolio. He and his family planned the design together. Another fabulous reason to have this piece made locally. He knew Bertha and certainly knows Mora, who better to be invested in creating it?

Here is the bench before painting. He asked what our vision was for the end look.
We couldn’t have known it would turn out this well.
As our volunteers, Leo Jr, Leo III. and Jesse Drager placed it
(Yes, it is securely planted in the location),
we had many folks stop to ask about who made it, and where they could contact the artist.
We are so very grateful that Leo donated his fee above the budget we had for the bench!
You can see much of his iron work in our community. The fencing around St. Gertrude’s and other church sites around Mora. For those of you who are in awe of his cut-out work, that is not machine done… Leo hand cuts all of his designs.
Diamond A Welding • 505-603-8140

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