Recycle Cardboard Mora


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
― PlatoThe Republic

Beginning this project with passion and ambition is how we see Francisco encouraging and building trust with Our Mora community.

Two full size long pickup beds flush to the side walls will make 1.5 small bales, approximately 1,200 pounds of cardboard.

Francisco has well over a dozen pick-ups weekly, mostly from businesses. He started without a truck, but using his car and working with his family as they could.

The short story is, Francisco (Kiko), grew up here in Mora, he moved away working at Disney World for years. There, he saw how an organized company could hire over 50,000 people, be organized, recycle, grow most food hydroponically and set world standards for customer service and employee satisfaction.

Back to Mora… No recycling? Trash in our beautiful side roads and highways? Francisco has the passion to work on that.

His hope is soon he will have his first semi-load. Eventually the goal is to create a business from this project. In the short term he will be reinvesting his sales profits into a larger baler, a fork lift, storage, etc…

Here he is partnering with Russel’s to use their baler. He is working on a streamline system to make things easier. As the quote says, “the beginning is the most important part of the work”. If an entrepreneur waits until everything is perfectly aligned, when will they begin? So, the beginning here, is the hard work.

Francisco, as I witnessed, really puts care into the quality of his bales. This may seem a little over the top for cardboard bales, but Francisco knows he will be judged on the quality of the cardboard sent in and well made bales. Because he is particular, he plans to create a relationship with one of the better recycling companies. (Notice how uniform this bale is?)



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