Sweet Nata by Gloria Zamora

What a great example of neat things in Mora! St. Vrain’s annual meeting today the guest speaker was Gloria Zamora, author of Sweet Nata. The building is about to undergo structural stabilization. The board mentioned the controversial history of St. Vrain, highlighting the building restoration is a way to keep something historical that can be a place for families to tell their stories with ALL the chapters.

Gloria Zamora read one of the stories during the annual meeting.
Here is a gallery of photos from the 2017 meeting:

Not that we are in the habit of “promoting” products, but, Gloria’s book and the relevance to Northern New Mexico is noteworthy as OurMora.org highlights the pieces that make our community unique and special to old and new.

Sweet Nata

A quote on Amazon, “Grandparents are our teachers, our allies, and a great source of love. They supply endless stories that connect us to a past way of life and to people long gone–people who led ordinary lives, but were full of extraordinary teachings. This is the subject of Sweet Nata, a memoir about familial traditions and the joys and hardships the author experienced in her youth. Set during the 1950s and 1960s in Mora and Corrales, New Mexico, Zamora reveals her interaction with her parents, grandparents, and other extended family members who had the greatest influence on her life. She paints a picture of native New Mexican culture and history for younger generations that will also be nostalgic for older generations.”

Kudos to the Foundation for keeping a viable building alive to be used for the community. The unique structure could not be replicated or replaced with just the amount of funds raised and needs to be raised by this organization.

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