Collaborative Visions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2010 to build collaborative partnerships that empower Northern New Mexico's rural communities to be vibrant, healthy, sustainable and resilient. A key element of CV’s mission is cooperative education.



The purpose of the Mora County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is to promote Mora County as a desirable place to do business and to facilitate economic development in Mora.  The MCDEC as an Economic Development Organization is eligible to participate in programs and apply for grants not usually available to available to the private sector. Its members are individuals and businesses from Mora County. MCEDC is a 501c3 non-profit.

Recent projects and accomplishments include:

Recipient of a $10,000 grant on behalf of the St Vrain Mill Foundation for engineering assessment of the ST Vrain Mill (2016).

Completion of a Mora Grocery Investment Requirement Analysis (2017).

Sponsorship of Mora resident to the NM Economic Development Course (2018)

Recipient of a $6,750 grant on behalf of the Los de Mora Growers Association for their Produce Processing facility (2018).

Sponsorship in partnership with the Arts and Cultural Compound of an AmeriCorp Vista volunteer in Mora. (2018)

Ongoing support to other Mora organizations involved economic and community development including, Mora area recycling efforts, the St Vrain Mill restoration, acting as fiscal agent to the Mora Arts and Cultural Compound, as well as offering financial assistance for local community development seminars and training. 

Mora Mountain Mommas!

This amazing social group has been meeting in Mora for well over a decade. It is a wonderful way for local ladies new to the area and generational to connect with one another. Their activities are fun, light hearted, often making a supportive friend networks in a rural area that is more difficult to create those connections. They meet the second Monday of each month. If you are interested in become involved, or just would like to be on the email so you can see what activities you would like to participate in, please contact BJ Peck at: or Connie Krusemark at:

Each month in addition to a potluck they have plant exchange, ice cream social, gardening tips, crafts, birthday celebration, Christmas gift exchange, guest speakers, craft of the month, mani-pedi trips and so on.