About Us

Mora Arts and Cultural Compound is a "space" designated by our amazing New Mexico MainStreet and embraces the "spirit" of old fashion values, community, culture, and all the goodness our valley has to offer.

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Mora has much to offer from picking raspberries, petting alpacas, to hunting, fishing, gardening and photography.
Need some lunch, or other services? Look here.
Complete updates soon to come.

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Purse Project – Mora Mountain Momma’s

The Purse Project Connie Krusemark and her husband Ken have been volunteering at the Las Vegas soup kitchen, Comedors for 6 years. Seeing the needs of homeless and transiant patrons, the idea for the purse project came to fruition. At … Continue reading

Recycle Cardboard Mora

  “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ― Plato, The Republic Beginning this project with passion and ambition is how we see Francisco encouraging and building trust with Our Mora community. Two full size long pickup beds flush … Continue reading

St. Vrain Stabilization Project

The St Vrain Mill Preservation and Historical Foundation has just completed the most significant step in the restoration of the St Vrain Mill – stabilizing the foundation of the Mill. As practically everyone in Mora knows, over 150 years ago, … Continue reading

Mora Paint Night

Paint Night Classes Begin Monthly

The Mora Arts & Cultural Compound, along with the newly formed Mora Valley Tourism Cooperative and Los de Mora Growers’ Cooperative will be hosting classes at least once per month.  In launching the tourism project, Paint Night will be hosted on the … Continue reading

Mora Valley St Vrain Mill

St. Vrain’s Mill Structural Stabilization

St Vrain Mill Foundation Project The St. Vrain Mill Foundation is moving forward with the most critical phase of the St. Vrain Mill restoration—stabilizing the north-wall foundation.  Through the generous support of its members, the Foundation has secured the funding … Continue reading